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Twin Peaks Filming Location Photos

I had a chance to visit many of the Twin Peaks filming locations during the weekend of March 2, 2019. 

I was hoping for a nice gloomy overcast sky to match the mood of Twin Peaks (and also no snow), but when I got was very bright sun and leftover snow from a recent winter storm.  I will add as much detail as I can for each photo, primarily to point out what each location is in the TV series/movie and the real life name of each location.  Most of the locations I visited were in the North Bend, WA area, but all of these locations are not far from Seattle.  Photos made with a Nikon Z7 with Nikkor 24-70mm f/4 S lens.  I also put many of these into a slideshow on YouTube.

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Eeeelectricityyyy. ;-) The electric lines shown in episode 6 of The Return. Intersection where Richard Horne ran over the boy.

As you know, there's some significance to electricity in the Twin Peaks series. This location is also the intersection where 'Mike' and Leland Palmer got into an argument (Laura was in the car with Leland).

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