Twin Peaks Filming Location Photos

I had a chance to visit many of the Twin Peaks filming locations during the weekend of March 2, 2019. 

I was hoping for a nice gloomy overcast sky to match the mood of Twin Peaks (and also no snow), but when I got was very bright sun and leftover snow from a recent winter storm.  However, it was late winter when I went there, so at least the foliage was off the trees and it looked more like what we saw in the TV show.  Overall it was a great experience and the town of North Bend, WA definitely had a Twin Peaks vibe.  Also the area around the sheriff dept and the area where Leland Palmer argued with Mike/Phillip Gerard near the intersection where Mo's Motors was.

I will add as much detail as I can for each photo, primarily to point out what each location is in the TV series/movie and the real life name of each location.  Most of the locations I visited were in the North Bend, WA area, but all of these locations are not far from Seattle.  Photos made with a Nikon Z7 with Nikkor 24-70mm f/4 S lens.  I also put many of these into a slideshow on YouTube.

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