Panasonic Lumix GH2 with 14-140mm ISO Test. This is my informal ISO test in what I would call more realistic conditions in the sense that I'm just taking a photo (RAW format, not JPG) at a certain ISO and then importing to Adobe Lightroom 3 and letting Lightroom apply it's default color noise reduction, no luminance noise reduction. I started at ISO 160 and incremented up all the way to 12,800. If you ask me, the noise levels are more than acceptable and I've noticed that the GH2's ISO 12,8000 looks more like the lower ISO 6400 on the G2. Camera was on a tripod, single area auto focus on the word 'Children's' on the label. +1/3 exposure compensation, the camera decided on the shutter speed while I controlled the ISO. Aperture was set to f/9. You can view the photos at 100% resolution by clicking on the photo, then hover your mouse over the larger image to the right and select Original.

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