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Nikon Z7 Test Photos.  Photos are shot in raw format (14 bit lossless compressed) and converted to DNG when imported into Lightroom, then exported as JPG.  Using the latest version of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (as of early Nov 2018).  I will keep the defaults Adobe applies to the raw files, which includes some lens corrections and maybe also some mild color noise reduction...but I don't add any luminance noise reduction myself.  I did set the Picture Control to 'Standard' in Lightroom to simulate the 'Standard' picture control in the camera, but let's not get to focused on the details.  These are just (mostly) very mildly touched photos for the simple purpose of having a general idea of what the image quality is for high ISO and so on.  Don't spend too much time pixel peeping (here or anywhere else), lest you lose your passion for making photos that mean something to YOU and turning photography into a chore.                      

Lens for the ISO test was the Nikon 24-70mm f/4 S lens set to f/8 at 50mm.  Lighting for the 'test' scene was not very bright.  I'd call the amount of light 'low-ish' :-). 

I skipped some of the lower ISO settings.  Other sample photos here that are not for the ISO test will likely be edited to my preferences.

Regarding EFCS (electronic first curtain shutter), I do tend to use it when I know I'll be at slow(er) shutter speeds.  Nikon limits the Z7 to 1/2000th sec while using EFCS and while out shooting on vacation I may forget I have it enabled and screw up some I won't have it enabled while on a trip if the amount of light will often vary between darker and brighter.  I want to be sure I don't hit the 1/2000th ceiling by accident. 

I also included a set of photos using the FTZ adapter with a Nikon 28-300mm lens.  I know the 'lens police' will frown upon that (using a 'superzoom' lens on a 45.7 MP camera), but the results speak for themselves and I'm very happy with the resulting photos!  Sure, I understand the 28-300 isn't going to match a 24-70mm f/2.8 pro lens, but I need this lens for travel and I'm not at all ashamed to use it!  ;-)  I actually love the images the 28-300mm can produce, even on a 45.7 MP camera.

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By the way, I contacted Smugmug about the info on the photos not showing up when you click the info button to see the shutter speed, etc...and they say there's an open bug for this (photos in unlisted galleries).  I'll remove this comment as soon as I know they fix it.

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