The ISO sample photos from the X-T30 were all shot in raw format and exported as JPG files from Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. I didn't do any editing other than setting the camera profile to match one of Fuji's in-camera looks but there is no additional noise reduction. I'm just using the default color noise reduction Lightroom sets. I rarely ever do any noise reduction in my normal photos either.  I will also provide some full resolution photos of various subjects not related to an ISO test. Photos like that may have a little more editing. In general, I don't heavily edit my photos. To zoom to 100% for a closer look, click a photo to enlarge it, then click the photo to zoom to 100% (may take a moment to load).

The ISO test photos were made with the XC 15-45mm kit lens which is not the ideal lens to use for viewing the images at 100%.  The lens is actually pretty good, but it's not the quality of the XF lenses.  The lens was set to 29mm.  Focus point was on the Smoky Mountains sign (AF for every photo).

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