Welcome to my Viltrox 35mm f/1.8 auto focus lens gallery for the Nikon Z cameras.  I will put some real world samples from this lens here.  That means, raw files that are edited the way I usually edit, not straight from the camera JPG files.  I always share photos I've shot in raw format and edited to my own taste.  What the images look like after that determines if I like a camera or lens.  Please note that I often add a vignette during editing and also crop.  My point is, these sample photos are shot and edited the way I would use them.  They're not straight from the camera photos with no edits.

Auto focus works well, the lens mounts very smoothly (not tight or scraping) and the optical quality is very nice for this price (a little less than half the cost of the Nikon Z 25mm f/1.8 lens).  It's a nice budget friendly alternative to the Nikon lens if you don't want to spend that much.  This lens also has a USB-C port on the lens mount for firmware updates, should any be needed for improvements or compatibility issues (no issues I've seen using this lens).

This is a newly released lens as of mid-September 2021.  I have 2 videos on YouTube for this lens.  One is the overview/review and the other is the video AF test

You can find all the specs and more detail on this lens at Viltrox's website

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