Welcome to my TTArtisan manual lens set gallery.  

The set includes the 17mm f/1.4 ($118), 35mm f/1.4 ($73) and 50mm f/1.2 ($98) manual lenses (completely manual - no electronics/no auto focus).  All three lenses can be bought as a set for $280.  You read that correctly.  $280 for all three.  Please note that the photos here will be raw files edited to my taste in Adobe Lightroom, which may often include an added vignette.  These are not straight from the camera untouched photos.

Focusing manually should be fairly simple on Fuji cameras since they offer good manual focusing assists (though I tend to not be very good at manual focus in general).  My Fuji X-H2 also has several memory banks to store different manual lens focal lengths for easy switching between lenses.  I believe that just helps with things like the camera knowing the focal length so it can better apply image stabilization.

The equivalent Full Frame focal lengths for these lenses are: 17mm = 25.5mm, 35mm = 52.5mm, 50mm = 75mm.  As far as the depth of field goes, f/1.2 is similar to f/1.8 and f/1.4 is similar to f/2.1 on full frame.   Please note that since there is no communication between the lens and camera, the aperture in the metadata will always appear as f/1.0.

The point if this gallery (and most of my others in the Gear Galleries) is to give you an idea of what you can get from the gear.  It's not necessarily a 'pixel peeping' gallery.   Regarding these TTArtisan lenses, they're probably better than you'd expect as far as build quality and fit/finish.  They look and feel a lot more expensive than they are and as far as the optical quality, I think it's also better than expected for lenses that cost around $100 or LESS.  

I have a video about these lenses on YouTube.

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