Various photos made by my Sony a7R III mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. The a7R III is one of Sony's professional mirrorless cameras with a 42 MP stabilized image sensor, dual SD card slots, weather sealing and more.  It really does feel VERY solid in your hand (though I'd prefer the body to be a little larger).  The high ISO quality is excellent and it's actually rated to be among the best as of Dec 2017, only being outperformed by medium format cameras and Sony's a7S.  That's surprising, given the high MP count of this sensor.   I HIGHLY recommend the Expert Shield 'Crystal Clear' LCD protector.  I use this on all my cameras and it's great.  Good people and a great product deserve a mention!  I've always been very happy with their product and any help I needed from them.  For $12.95 (as of Dec 2017), it's a steal.      

I shared some thoughts on the a7R III on YouTube.  I also have a gallery of vacation photos in Canada made entirely by the a7R III HERE.

I have a set of ISO test photos HERE (also includes set of Sony 24-105mm f/4 test photos which can be viewed at 100%).

Update Dec 2018:  I replaced my a7R III with a Nikon Z7

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