Welcome to my Sony a6400 Gallery.  This little camera has an excellent APS-C image sensor, blazing fast autofocus and unbelievable AF tracking.  It's a great small (but very powerful) camera to keep with you for travel or any other purpose.

I had the a6000 in the past (gallery) and was not happy at all with the very slow startup time and the horrible 'PlayMemories' built into the camera.  It made the camera slower and the menus more of a problem.  Fast forward to the a6400 and now we see the same type of menus found in the a7R III and other recent cameras that (fortunately) ditched PlayMemories.  That's a good thing!  :-)  I sent the a6400 back (returned) since at that time I didn't think I would like the a6400 as a second camera.  Now that I have another full frame camera as my official second camera, I ended up getting an a6100 in Feb of 2021 as my official 'small camera' that I can keep with me at work and use for small trips if I just don't want to bring a larger camera.  My a6100 gallery is HERE.

I have some full resolution ISO test photos HERE.

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