Welcome to my Sony a6100 photo gallery.  I bought the a6100 in Feb 2021 to use as a small camera for travel when I don't want to bring my 'big' camera (Nikon Z7 or Z5).  I have no plans to buy any other lenses for the a6100 for now, but it's possible I might later buy a better zoom lens for general use.  For now all the photos will be with the 16-50mm kit lens.  My understanding is the a6100 has the same image sensor as the a6400 and a6600 and it has excellent image quality.  The 16-50mm kit lens is surprisingly good for what it is.  It's a little soft on the edges, but sharp otherwise.  The power zoom is very fast, which is important to me ( normally don't want to use a power zoom lens, I prefer manual zoom).  

I posted a video about the a6100 on YouTube

The only feature that's missing that I would normally want to use is a minimum shutter speed setting for Auto ISO.  The a6100 only has a min and max ISO for the Auto ISO settings.  What I do to get around this is set the max auto ISO number to a much lower value than I'd normally use so the camera can't go to an unnecessarily high value for the scene I'm shooting.  I would also love to have a front dial, but I can get by without that (this is not my primary camera anyway).  I normally use the rear dial for exposure compensation and the front dial for aperture changes (it has a dedicated exposure comp dial but it's not as convenient).

All photos will be raw files edited in Adobe Lightroom.

Update - Aug 2021:  I decided to replace my a6100 with the new Nikon Z fc camera.  The Z fc shares the same lens mount as my Nikon Z5 and Z7 so that will be more convenient and the Z fc will just be more fun in general (I love the styling of the camera and the great image quality from that sensor which is the same as the Z50 and D500).

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