Welcome to my Sony a6100 photo gallery.  I bought the a6100 in Feb 2021 to use as a small camera for travel when I don't want to bring my 'big' camera (Nikon Z7 or Z5).  I have no plans to buy any other lenses for the a6100 for now, but it's possible I might later buy a better zoom lens for general use.  For now all the photos will be with the 16-50mm kit lens.  My understanding is the a6100 has the same image sensor as the a6400 and a6600 and it has excellent image quality.  The 16-50mm kit lens is surprisingly good for what it is.  It's a little soft on the edges, but sharp otherwise.  The power zoom is very fast, which is important to me ( normally don't want to use a power zoom lens, I prefer manual zoom).  

I posted a video about the a6100 on YouTube

The only feature that's missing that I would normally want to use is a minimum shutter speed setting for Auto ISO.  The a6100 only has a min and max ISO for the Auto ISO settings.  What I do to get around this is set the max auto ISO number to a much lower value than I'd normally use so the camera can't go to an unnecessarily high value for the scene I'm shooting.  I would also love to have a front dial, but I can get by without that (this is not my primary camera anyway).  I normally use the rear dial for exposure compensation and the front dial for aperture changes (it has a dedicated exposure comp dial but it's not as convenient).

All photos will be raw files edited in Adobe Lightroom.

I will update this gallery as soon as I can with a larger variety of photos when I have time to get out to more places to shoot.

When I have my ISO test photos ready, I'll put them HERE.

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