Welcome to my Sony a6000 gallery.  Purchased in Jan 2015.  The a6000 will not be my primary camera.  It will be for occasional use.  The compact kit lens will be great for keeping the camera small, which is what I want for this camera.  It's basically replacing my Fuji X20, which was not used often.  The a6000 is a very fast camera overall (focusing, etc) but I have to admit, the startup speed is horrible.  After the camera has sat for a few days, for some reason the startup time can be 10 seconds or more.  Very unusual.  I posted a video about the a6000 on YouTube.

Sorry for the limited content here.  I just couldn't get excited about the a6000 and I rarely used it.  It wasn't comfortable to hold/use (for me).  It was a great sensor though.  I ended up getting an a6100 in Feb of 2021 and enjoy that camera very much as a small secondary camera.  My a6100 gallery is HERE.

I have a set of full resolution ISO and image stabilization test photos in this gallery.

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