This is a look at the Nissin i40 flash for Fujifilm cameras.  I'll be using this flash on my Fuji X-T1, but it is compatible with certain other Fujifilm cameras.  I'm very impressed with the build quality and features (having used Nikon flashes in the past).  I'm also happy to see it comes with a built-in diffuser , bounce card, pouch and flash stand.  FYI - I added some high speed sync test photos.  I can get to 1/320 sec before I noticed an obvious problem (darkening of the lower portion of the photo).  Up to 1/250th it looks fine to me.  I posted a video about the i40 on YouTube.

The test photos of the white porcelain Christmas decoration were shot at ISO 400 with the flash in TTL mode.  No flash exposure compensation and no camera exposure comp.  Personally, I've always liked bounced flash the best, when it's possible to bounce for lighting versus direct flash or a diffuser.  Although, in this test, the straight up bounce with the bounce card pulled out did very well.  There are notes for each photo indicating what type of flash was used (direct, bounce, etc).

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