Welcome to my Nikon Z8 gallery. 

***I acquired a Z8 today, May 25, 2023! Stay tuned for images here.

The Z8 is basically a Z9, minus the battery grip. Nikon and others say this is the true mirrorless replacement for the highly respected D850 (DSLR), but I'd go farther back to 2008 and say this is the D700 to D3. It's a smaller pro version of their largest pro mirrorless body, with almost no compromises.

Until I get out more trips to shoot, feel free to check out my Z7 and Z7 II galleries (which will have similar image quality/resolution compared to the Z8).

As of May 25, Adobe Lightroom already supports the raw files, BUT not all of the 'creative' picture controls are there for things like Sepia and so on, but I almost never use those anyway. The standard picture control profiles like Standard, Landscape and others are already there and the EXIF data shows it's a Z8 camera, so that's good. I expect Adobe will release an update in the next few weeks to 'fully' support the Z8. 

Please be patient while I share some early, slightly (or very) boring sample photos. Once I get out on trips, I'll have a LOT more better quality photos for you to view. However, I would say that if you've seen photos from my Z7 / Z7 II, then you've seen Z8 photos because it's essentially the same image quality.

The bonus with the Z8 though is that you get the new High Efficiency RAW file settings. High Efficiency* makes files around 31 MB (depending on the scene) and I can't see any visible difference between that and a larger Lossless Compression RAW file. 

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