Welcome to my Nikon Z8 gallery

***I acquired a Z8 today, May 25, 2023! Stay tuned for images here. I have a big trip to Italy & Spain the last two weeks of June, so right after that trip, look for tons of images here in this gallery! :)

Until I get out more trips to shoot, feel free to check out my Z7 and Z7 II galleries (which will have similar image quality/resolution compared to the Z8).

Please be patient while I share some early, slightly (or very) boring sample photos. Once I get out on trips, I'll have a LOT more better quality photos for you to view. However, I would say that if you've seen photos from my Z7 / Z7 II, then you've seen Z8 photos because it's essentially the same image quality. The bonus with the Z8 though is that you get the new High Efficiency RAW file settings. High Efficiency* makes files around 31 MB (depending on the scene) and I can't see any visible difference between that and a larger Lossless Compression RAW file. 

The Nikon Z8 is a wonderful camera that just gets out of the way and lets you concentrate on making images/art. 

I have some videos about the Z 8 (and some footage from the camera) on my YouTube channel.

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