Welcome to my Nikon Z50 photo gallery (real world sample images, test pictures, etc).  All the photos I put in this gallery will be 14-bit raw files processed in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (edited to my taste, which may also included an added vignette).  

The two kit lenses (16-50mm & 50-250mm) are shockingly good for as inexpensive as they are!  I still can't believe it when I zoom in to 100% and look at the detail/sharpness.  For the price, it would be insane NOT to buy these lenses with the body.

If you're a pixel peeper, I have a set of ISO test photos.  There are a few other samples in that gallery that you can view at 100% magnification.  This gallery (the one you're in now) will be a variety of photos from a wide variety of subjects and settings and are intended to be just the average type of photos I'd be making for myself.

I have a couple videos on YouTube about my new Z50 HERE and HERE.  Someone requested info on the video features of the Z50 so I posted a video about that also, here

***Update Aug 2020:  I decided to replace my Z50 with a Nikon Z5 & 24-200mm lens kit.  While the Z50 is a great little camera and the kit lenses are also great, I would rather have two full frame bodies instead of a mix, even though the lens mount is the same.  With two full frame bodies (my Z7 plus the new Z5) there will be no crop when sharing lenses between the cameras and my overall preference is for a full frame body anyway.  

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