Welcome to my Nikon Z5 gallery.  My Z5 with 24-200mm kit arrived on Aug 31,2020. 

All photos in this gallery will be raw files edited in Adobe Lightroom and exported as JPG.  Please note that I often add a mild vignette, so don't mistake a vignette in my edited photos as a lens problem.  These photos are editing to my taste.  Just about all photos will be handheld.  I only use a tripod for long exposures.

I posted my review/thoughts on my Z5 on YouTube.  I also uploaded a few sample videos for autofocus during video: Face tracking, handheld VR/IS and panning sample HERE and AF while zooming.    

The new 24-200mm lens is outstanding.  Very sharp, lightweight, weather sealed, silent autofocus and beautiful bokeh (the out of focus area of the images).  If anyone tries to tell you the 24-200 is only mediocre at best, run away from that person as fast as possible because they're lying.  :-)

ISO test photos > HERE   Weight of the Z5 with 24-200 lens is 2 lbs, 13 oz.  Weight of the Z7 with 24-70mm f/4 lens is 2 lbs, 10.7 oz.

I will use the Z5 along with my Nikon Z7.  I also have a large Z50 gallery, but I no longer own the Z50.  As of today, I will use the Z7 and Z5.

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