Welcome to my Nikon Z fc gallery. I bought the Z fc to replace my Sony a6100 which was my small camera I'd keep in my backpack for work and for use when I just wanted something small. The Z fc will simply be more 'fun' than the a6100 and I prefer the image quality and familiar look to the Nikon raw files with the Nikon Z lenses compared to the Sony raw files and the 16-50 kit lens from Sony. The Nikon Z mount 16-50mm lens is noticeably sharper and better optically overall...AND I prefer the manual zoom vs. the power zoom on the Sony. I had the Nikon Z50 in the past so I'm already familiar/happy with the images from that image sensor. The Z fc is very similar to the Z50 as far as the features available but the fc DOES have features the Z50 didn't have, like the newer face/eye detect AF in the large focus box and a few other software changes that make the fc a little more like the Z7 and Z5 I also own. I posted a video about the Z fc on YouTube.

All the photos here will be raw files edited in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and exported as JPG. I normally only do mild editing but will occasionally take the editing a lot farther like converting the photos to black and white or applying a filter (but that's not very common for me).

***This gallery will take a little longer to get updated with new sample photos until I can get out away from home to get more variety. I hope to have more (for sure) by the end of November 2021.

In the meantime, check out my Nikon Z50 gallery because the image quality is exactly the same as the Z fc (same sensor and processor).

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