Nikon Df Gallery - The Photography Hobbyist

This gallery is dedicated to Nikon Df (Digital fusion) sample photos.  This is a D-SLR camera that shares the same image sensor as Nikon's top of the line full frame (35mm) pro camera, the D4. 

I created a gallery dedicated to full resolution test photos from the Df. Mostly ISO test photos, but various other photos will be added at full resolution as well for you pixel peepers. Otherwise, you'll see my main group of images from the Df below.  Also, I have a video on YouTube about the Nikon Df as well as a video about the Gariz half case for the Df.

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Fuji X-T1 with 18-135mm and Nikon Df with Tamron 28-300mm

Comparing the size of the Df to the X-T11 (with grip attached), the Df is only a little bigger and only about a half pound heavier than the X-T1 setup.'