Nikon D750 Gallery - The Photography Hobbyist

Welcome to my Nikon D750 gallery.  I never imagined I'd be back to a DSLR as my primary camera (2015), after having used and enjoyed several mirrorless cameras (most recently, the Fuji X-T1).  After a few years of using mirrorless cameras as my primary system and there not being a great replacement for the last camera I truly loved (D700), I just felt like there was always something missing and I was never fully content.  The old D700 was a camera that really got the job done for me and the new D750 is a great upgrade from the D700.  Mirrorless cameras are wonderful, but for my particular interests and preferences, the D750 was a camera that I just couldn't stop thinking about and I ultimately ended up trading in my X-T1 for it.  All images shot in raw format and edited in Adobe Lightroom.

I have a set of ISO test photos.  I posted a video on YouTube with my thoughts on the D750.  I also posted a video explaining my menu settings.  Also, I posted a video about the Peak Design strap I'm using with the D750.

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Expert Shield LCD protector installed on Nikon D750

The kit includes both the rear AND top LCD protectors