Welcome to my Fuji X100F gallery.  The X100F is a fixed lens camera with an APS-C size image sensor (24 MP).  The lens is f/2, 23mm which is equal to a f/3, 35mm lens on a full frame camera.  The lens is known to be a little soft at f/2 especially when the subject is close to the lens (this was fixed with a new lens on the replacement camera which is the X100V).  However, it's still a sharp lens and has beautiful bokeh (background blur).  

All image here will almost always be raw files edited to my own taste in Adobe Lightroom Classic (that may include an added vignette and other changes for artistic reasons.  These are not unedited clinical test photos. 

I had the original X100 and X100S in the past along with other Fuji cameras.  You can find a variety of cameras and other gear I've owned in my gear gallery.

I bought this X100F used in late Sept 2021, so it will take me awhile to fill this gallery with some sample images.  Thank you for your patience.  

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