This gallery is dedicated to the original Fuji X100.  I couldn't pass up the bargain I saw on this nearly mint condition original X100 with the Fuji lens hood included.  This is the model that did not have the X-Trans sensor.  The raw files from this standard sensor are processed much quicker by Lightroom than the X-Trans raw files.  To my eyes, the standard sensor has a more natural appearance and better detail like that I see on my D750.  As far as overall operating speed goes (AF, etc), the X100 is no speed demon, but with firmware 2.11 installed, it's more than acceptable.  Full specs and other details about the X100 can be found here.  I have a set of full resolution ISO test photos in a gallery here.  I posted a video about the X100 on YouTube.  All the photos in this gallery were shot in raw and edited in Adobe Lightroom.

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