Fuji X-T4 sample and test photos. The Fuji X-T4 is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with an outstanding APS-C size image sensor (great high ISO and dynamic range).

The photos in this gallery will almost always be raw files edited to my taste in Lightroom Classic CC and then exported as JPG.  I understand Capture One handles the X-Trans raw files better than LR, but I know LR very well and I'm satisfied with the results.  Please note that I often intentionally add a vignette during editing, so don't assume a vignette you see is a lens problem.

I have a video on YouTube regarding the JJC Hand Grip, HERE as well as a video with general thoughts about the X-T4 after first buying it, HERE.  And finally, my overall 'review' of the camera and a tip on how to set the command dial to control aperture is HERE.  I have a vacation gallery from July 2020 shot entirely with the X-T4 & 16-80mm lens HERE

You can view my ISO test photos at 100% (and a few other misc test photos) in this gallery

I have a Nikon Z7 as well and that will remain my 'primary' camera (used most often or when I want the very best image quality and easier handling that's more like a DSLR).  You can see in my photos the Z7 and X-T4 are very, very similar in size even though the Z7 has a huge lens mount, IBIS and full frame sensor.  The Z7 however does not have a fully articulating rear screen.  

I always get an Expert Shield LCD protector for my cameras.  I like the crystal clear version best.

***Update July 2, 2020: My original silver X-T4 had a major problem.  I uploaded a video of the problem is on YouTube.  Sometimes it would not power on.  I tried to exchange it for a replacement but a silver body was not in stock so I now have a BLACK body.***

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