Welcome to my Fuji X-T30 photo gallery.  I purchased my X-T30 on Sept 1, 2019.  With the image sensor and processor from the Fuji X-T3, the X-T30 has great image quality and great performance all around.   Honestly, I'm really surprised by the images I'm getting off the X-T30 even with the XC kit lens!  VERY happy with the raw files and the final look after some quick editing of basics in Lightroom.  

Regarding my editing, I always shoot in raw format and in the case of the Fuji files, I apply a camera matching profile Adobe provides in Lightroom (usually Provia) and then I tweak as desired.  I also sometimes pick a different profile like Eterna or Acros.

I put some ISO test photos HERE.  I will also include various other photos that you can see at 100% resolution (edited to my taste).  I posted a video on YouTube with some thoughts on the X-T30.

As of late Jan 2020, I decided to replace the X-T30 with a Nikon Z50 so I can have two cameras with the same lens mount (Z50 and Z7).   My growing Z50 photo gallery is HERE.

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