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Welcome to my Fuji X-T30 photo gallery.  I purchased my X-T30 on Sept 1, 2019.  With the image sensor and processor from the Fuji X-T3, the X-T30 has great image quality and great performance all around.   Honestly, I'm really surprised by the images I'm getting off the X-T30 even with the XC kit lens!  VERY happy with the raw files and the final look after some quick editing of basics in Lightroom.  I'm looking forward to many images from my X-T30.  It just feels good to me for some reason and will be a good partner for my Z7.

Regarding my editing, I always shoot in raw format and in the case of the Fuji files, I apply a camera matching profile Adobe provides in Lightroom (usually Provia) and then I tweak as desired.  I also sometimes pick a different profile like Eterna or Acros.

For the time being I will be using the Fuji XC 15-45mm kit lens only, but I plan on getting a prime lens later and possibly a better zoom lens.

I put some ISO test photos HERE.  I will also include various other photos that you can see at 100% resolution (edited to my taste).  I posted a video on YouTube with some thoughts on the X-T30.

NOTE:  Until I have time to get out and shoot more with the X-T30, the samples I upload here will mostly be from what I have nearby, but the variety will improve over the next month or two when I can travel a little.  :-)

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