Welcome to my Fuji X-H2 Gallery

I’m really enjoying my X-H2. As of Oct 2022, this camera will be the companion to my Nikon Z7 II. (Edit: I sold my Z7 II)  I like this body style better compared to the Fuji X-T4 style bodies. They’re more comfortable to me (better grip) and I prefer to use my index finger to change aperture with the front dial and exposure compensation with the rear dial. I will start with the 16-80mm f/4 lens and Sigma 56mm f/1.4. Depending on how it goes, I may end up buying a better zoom in the future.  By the way, I have photos from other Fuji cameras and other brands in my Gear Galleries.

The raw files from this camera are around 40MB each (file size) when shooting lossless compressed raw, depending on the content of the image.

I have a gallery of ISO test files HERE as well as other misc sample photos that can be viewed at 100% resolution. I also included some Pixel Shift examples.

The AF is very good, which includes face/eye detect during video. Subject tracking seems excellent as well and I use that now instead of single point AF for general photography. I place the focus point on something (leaf, person, etc) and then compose my shot as needed and snap away. It has been very reliable.  Overall, I knew I would like this camera based on the specs and the early reviews/samples I saw, but I have to say that after 3 weeks with it, I'm really impressed with it and it exceeds my expectations.  

All the photos here are raw files, edited to my taste, which may also include a vignette. Just keep that in mind. I may post some JPG files from the camera and if I do, I’ll label those accordingly.

I will be posting more videos about the X-H2 on my YouTube channel.

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