About the Photographer - The Photography Hobbyist

Hello! Photography is more or less a hobby for me. I hope you enjoy your visit to my various galleries. Most of the questions I get are related to editing/processing photos. I almost always shoot in 'raw' format (not JPG) and I always process my photos in Adobe Lightroom. I don't use any other software for editing. 

As far as the type of photographer I am, you can just call me a 'generalist'.  Almost all of my travel related photos are the result of quick snaps during vacation.  So far, I've never been on any dedicated photography trips.  I do however try to sneak in a little time for photos here and there while on trips for work and so on...but so far I've never been on a trip that was dedicated to photography, so hopefully my photos can show you what's possible even with just a few minutes at each location (usually without a tripod) and not at certain locations at the 'right' time of day for the best light.

Thanks for visiting! :-)


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