About the Photographer - The Photography Hobbyist

Hello! Photography is more or less a hobby for me. I hope you enjoy your visit to my various galleries. Most of the questions I get are related to editing/processing photos. I almost always shoot in 'raw' format (not JPG) and I always process my photos in Adobe Lightroom. I don't use any other software for editing. 

Hey, folks...be nice to your fellow photographers.  If you met someone in real life and you didn't agree with their camera choice, how they're using their gear or something else silly that doesn't matter, would you say something very rude in person?  I doubt it.  Don't get on the internet (YouTube and camera discussion forums) and act like a pr!ck just because you can.  If you aren't that rude in person, then don't get on the internet and act like a rude a-hole.  Be nice...  ;-)

As far as the type of photographer I am, you can just call me a 'generalist'.  Almost all of my travel related photos are the result of quick snaps during vacation.  So far, I've never been on any dedicated photography trips.  I do however try to sneak in a little time for photos here and there while on trips for work and so on...but so far I've never been on a trip that was dedicated to photography, so hopefully my photos can show you what's possible even with just a few minutes at each location (usually without a tripod) and not at certain locations at the 'right' time of day for the best light.

Thanks for visiting! :-)


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