This is a set of test photos.  The ISO series of shots were made at 34mm, f/8 and at various (but not all) ISO settings.  Manually focused on the letters 'SS' in the word tussin.  I only have the basic 16-50mm kit lens which is not the best quality lens to use, so keep that in mind when judging the optical quality.  Images were shot in raw format and converted to JPG in Adobe Lightroom 5.7.  I did not apply any additional noise reduction other than the mild color noise reduction Adobe does by default.  Back to the a6000 main gallery.  

I also included some slow shutter speed samples to demonstrate the optical image stabilization of the 16-50mm kit lens.  It's very impressive and sharp at even 1/5 sec.   I didn't try slower than that...but maybe I should since I got no blurred images at all down to 1/5 (handheld).  Focal length was set to 26mm, which is about 39mm equivalent on full frame.  

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