This is a set of test photos.  The ISO series of shots were made at f/8 using a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens and at various (but not all) ISO settings.  Focus is on the Nikon label above the lens on the Df camera. Images were shot in raw format and converted to JPG in Adobe Lightroom 6.2.1.  I did not apply any additional noise reduction other than the mild color noise reduction Adobe does by default.  You can view these photos at 100% by clicking the photo and then clicking the Sizes icon at the bottom right of the image.  If there's a slight green tint to the images, it's probably due to the fact that there's a green window blind to the left of the image.     

There are a few other sample photos here (not ISO test shots) that can be viewed at 100% as well and these were made with various other lenses.   Back to the D750 Gallery   

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