Various photos made by my Panasonic Lumix GH5 (professional mirrorless interchangeable lens camera).  I focus on still photography, not video.  I added a series of test photos in another gallery so you can see the ISO performance as well as general image quality at 100% magnification.  I have a large gallery of Yellowstone and other national park photos shot entirely with the GH5 HERE!   Use the GH5 for photos too (not just video) and you'll be impressed.

I uploaded a video on YouTube about my GH5 (my thoughts, etc).  The GH5 is really an outstanding camera (the handling, customization options AND image quality).  If you use a some common sense, take a little time to understand the camera and attach a very good lens, getting great images is extremely easy!  :-) 

When I look back at the images I've made with the GH5, it's absolute proof to me that I don't NEED a large sensor camera to make great photos.  I do 'prefer' a large sensor camera, but frankly I was very surprised and very happy with the quality of the photos I was able to make on my big Yellowstone trip.  The GH5 paired with the Olympus 12-100 f/4 lens is an outstanding combo!

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